The Beat Goes On: ATB’s Enduring Impact on Trance and Tech

November 8, 2023

In the pulsating world of electronic music, André Tanneberger, known as ATB, stands as a colossus, his shadow stretching far beyond the dance floor. With the rhythmic beats of his seminal track “9 PM (Till I Come),” ATB didn’t just enter the music scene — he shattered its ceiling. As the first trance song to crown the UK charts in 1999, it heralded a new era for electronic music, and with it, a new architect of sound was born.

From the outset, ATB’s career has been a symphony of innovation and influence. His discography, a vibrant mosaic of electronic styles, speaks to a versatility that has kept him at the forefront of the genre since 1992. His music is a universal language, connecting with audiences across the globe, turning each performance into a communal celebration of trance.

But the maestro’s contributions extend beyond his music. ATB’s role in sculpting the modern trance scene is monumental, his unique sound laying the foundation for a genre that would grow to be a global phenomenon. His refusal to conform has seen him weave elements from ambient to progressive house into his music, challenging the status quo and inspiring a generation of artists.

ATB’s narrative, however, is not solely written in notes and melodies. His environmental advocacy resonates as powerfully as his music, with a commitment to sustainability that harmonizes with the zeitgeist. His merchandise, crafted from sustainable materials, is not just merchandise — it’s a manifesto, a declaration of his dedication to the planet.

Equally integral to ATB’s identity is his passion for technology. A tech enthusiast, he embraces the latest advancements with the zeal of a pioneer, constantly exploring new frontiers in audio production. His studio is a crucible of innovation, where technology and creativity meld to forge groundbreaking and eternal sounds.

As we chart the evolution of electronic music, ATB’s influence is unmistakable. His legacy is not just one of musical ingenuity but of a visionary who has intertwined his art with a commitment to a better future. In the grand narrative of ATB’s career, his environmental and technological pursuits are not asides — they are the essence, amplifying the story of a man whose vision for music is as expansive as his vision for the world.

In the annals of electronic music, ATB is not just a chapter; he is the author of a continuing saga, one that has redefined the boundaries of trance and will echo through the ages. His is a tale of rhythm and responsibility, a dance of innovation and integrity — a legacy that will resonate for generations, both within the industry and beyond.

Experience the legendary ATB at Temple Denver this Friday, November 10— a night where trance classics meet the pulse of tomorrow!


Temple Nightclub has taken the fusion of music and technology to new heights with their AI-created music video for the song “Your Love.” This innovative approach to visual storytelling captures the essence of ATB’s pioneering spirit and his commitment to staying at the cutting edge of technology. As a trailblazer in both the trance genre and tech-savvy production, ATB’s passion for innovation resonates through this groundbreaking collaboration. Witness the harmony of rhythm and AI, and see how the future of music visualization is being shaped at the hands of those who dare to push boundaries.

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